Trinity College Dublin LGBTQ policies

Here are some of the policies available for Trinity College Dublin which might be useful for current and future LGBTQ staff to know about.


Equality Policy

The University aims to provide an inclusive environment which promotes equality and values diversity – and is committed to maintaining an environment of dignity and respect where all staff and students can develop their full potential. The concept of equality is central to the University’s ethos of academic and service excellence.

This policy outlines the actions the University will take to identify and remove any barriers to accessing and participating in University as a student or staff member or service user

Dignity & Respect Policy

The University promotes, and is committed to supporting, a collegiate environment for its staff, students and other community members, which is free from discrimination on any of the nine equality grounds (gender, religion, age, civil status, family status, disability, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, membership of the Traveller community), bullying, sexual harassment and other forms of harassment.

This policy sets out a framework for the resolution of any dignity and respect matters that may arise from time to time and details the sources of help available to staff and students

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

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Photo by Aitormmfoto/iStock / Getty Images

Need more information?

There are a wide range of further policies in Trinity College Dublin which directly and indirectly affect the lives of LGBTQ staff; including but not limited to, the University's Policies on adoptive and other parental leave, pension entitlements and mental health provisions. Details of these policies and the responsible departments are available at the policies page on the main Trinity website.